The best way to evaluate ClaSS is to give it a try. The demo-site will give you a feel for the ClaSS approach.

Demonstration Site

The demo school is loaded with a full test data-set - all its records and names have been randomly generated. Enter by clicking on Login in the top left-hand corner, choose a number X between 1 and 50, and use the following details:

  • Username:ProfX
  • Password:guest
  • Follow the link: ClaSS Demo School Screenshot of the Demo School

    ClaSS is written for Mozilla Firefox, the leading standards compliant, cross-platform web-browser. This guarantees the best possible user-experience whether accessing ClaSS from Microsoft's Windows, GNU/Linux or Mac OS X. ClaSS will also work with other modern browsers such as Safari, Chrome and the family of broswers based on Mozilla's Gecko code including Epiphany, Mac's Camino and others (see the full list).

    NOTE: You need to be already running one of these browsers before accessing the ClaSS Demo School. Be warned that it will very probably crash (and certainly won't work properly) in Internet Explorer. If you don't have Firefox yet, why not get it.